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Welcome to SCUD Ag Chem!

The SCUD chemical transfer system was developed by Peter Munns in 1997 in the central wheat-belt area of Western Australia. Since then the SCUD has grown out of the broad acre agricultural sector and adapted itself into horticulture, viticulture, small scale farming, golf courses, councils and general industry. If it's liquid or granular and it needs mixing, measuring or moving, the SCUD chemical transfer system will do it quicker, cleaner and above all safer!

The SCUD Chemical Transfer System:

  • Agricultural Sprays
  • Vineyards & Gardens
  • Golf Courses
  • Council Park Maintenance
  • Cleaner & Safer
  • Saves on Equipment Costs
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Australian Product

With a range of Mixers from 60ltrs to 2000 ltrs and pumps from 10l/min to 1200l/min we can build a system that can fill a sprayer in minutes saving precious down time. Two sprayers with one SCUD can do the work of three sprayers - Get a Quote from SCUD today!